Missing Your College Metabolism? Let’s Eat Vegetables and Pretend They’re Carbs

Missing Your College Metabolism? Let’s Eat Vegetables and Pretend They’re Carbs

We’ve all had the fantasy of eating pizza every meal, doughnuts every morning, and 4-11 slushy’s every night. If it was possible to take the calories out of Taco Bell, even if I had to walk 10 miles to do it, I probably would. Wouldn’t you?

What if you could turn vegetables into pasta?

Say whaaaat! Yes, you heard it here first. I recently discovered the ‘zoodler’, a magical device that turns vegetables into PASTA. Thank GOD for this since I feel like metabolism is slowing down to the speed of molasses. Damn adulting.

See below for my favorite zoodler receive and to see the magic in action.

Step 1: Buy materials to zoodle

I’ve tested a few materials with my zoodler. The best are zucchini and white sweet potatoes. White sweet potatoes definitely have the most “pasta” feel.

See below, Trader Joes even has a sign about zoodling below the best zucchini.

Step 2: Peel your vegetables

Pretty simple, peel the edges well so that you don’t get any skin in your zoodles.

Step 3: Start to zoodle

I have a hand zoodler, which just means you physically have to crank out the noodles yourself. It is a little tougher on your arms, but nothing too arduous.

You can also buy more of a crank zoodler which puts less pressure on your arms, either way, it turns vegetables into pasta.

Step 4: Season with salt and olive oil

I’ll caution you, don’t go too heavy on the olive oil. Since the vegetables already hold some water, if you add too much olive oil – your dish will become a wet mess.

Step 5: Put the zoodles on stove for 3-4 minutes

Your zoodles only need to cook until soft. You can see here that most of the zoodles shrink up, but they become much more pasta-like.

Step 5: Add any other ingredients you want in your zoodle pasta

If you’re a sauce person, you can add pesto or marina sauce into your zoodles. In this dish, I added shrimp, pesto and sundries tomatoes. I’ve also added ground beef, mushrooms, tomatoes…sky’s the limit. Treat this dish like a true pasta dish and it will come to life.

Step 6: Enjoy!

You’ve made in amazing meal, in a short amount of time and has little to no carbs. You can feel great about yourself eating pasta and eat zoodles as much as you crave any other carb.

becky bush rose and brose

P.S. You can buy yourself a zoodler off of Amazon, here are some great options.




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