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Organizational Secrets To Make Your Tiny Apartment Feel Like Home


If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I’ve lived in several apartments since moving to San Francisco. And by several, I mean six apartments in the last five years.

(Clearly, if you need packing tips, I’ve got them)

Even if you haven’t lived in AS many apartments as me, odds are, most recent college grads don’t have the luxury of living in some massive Gossip Girl-esque mansion. If your anything like me, you have tons of roommates and sometimes it feels like you have no space that is just ‘your own’. Ugh.

  • …Some of my apartments have been so freaking tiny that the walls in my bedroom have literally touched each side of my full-size bed…
  • One time, pepper-sprayed was accidentally opened (long story) and literally, 15 people in my apartment were gagging because the apartment was THAT small and the circulation was THAT bad
  • I ALSO wouldn’t be lying if I said at one point I was paying $1,600 for a tiny room that was literally flea-infested

Before you start feeling bad for me, one great thing has come out of my past living situations: I’ve REALLY learned how to make small spaces work. #nopitypartieshere

Even in the times where I did not have a closet or a living room, I’ve still managed to make it work. Especially with roommates, you have to share a kitchen or a living room – keeping almost everything you own in your bedroom.  I literally dream of the day where I can keep my k-cups in the kitchen and not in my bedroom, but unfortunately, that day is not today.

For now, the best that we can do is to organize the heck out of those small spaces to have every apartment feel like a home.

Here are my TOP THREE SECRETS to making your tiny apartment FEEL LIKE A HOME:

ONE: Put your thoughts and motivations everywhere 🙏

You walk into your room and instantly, poof! You relax. You’re able to put everything from your day behind you.

What does it look like?

Are there #basicgirlquotes motivating you to conquer your day? Are there salty phrases that make you no longer need a punching bag!?

Whatever it is, it’s essential to make your room your own. This will ensure it feels like your own space. IMO, even if your space is crowded, having things that truly feel inspired makes a world of difference.

Whether it be pictures of your family, wallpaper, just feel comfortable making your room your oasis.

Personally, I just LOVE quotes. Call me the most quintessential 20-something, but I’m obsessed.

I got this “Stay Gold” decal for my room along with the “Get Naked” one for my bathroom.

tiny apartment feeling like home

Cute, right!?

P.S. These decals come off the wall without taking any paint, so if you are in a rental like me, they are a SUPER easy way to dress up your room without any damage. 

TWO:  Give it a smell that you love 

There’s something about candles that make a room feel cozier than you ever thought they could. I love matching a candle to the time of year (Pumpkin Spice anyone?!) in addition to just having a signature scent.

Not only is the extra light nice and the ability to turn on something that makes me feel like a warm blanket is being wrapped around me, but It will always smell great too.

Here are some of my favorite candles as of late. 

THREE: Get Creative With Storage📦

The trick with putting everything in your room, having it fit and still having floor space, is finding creative ways with your storage. Over the years, I’ve found THREE different creative ways to have storage.

A. Under the Bed – If you have a bed frame, make SURE, you use some under the bed storage. You can use a bed skirt to cover up if you are worried about this showing. 

B. Storage Benches/Trunks  – Having a storage bench that can double as a place to sit or an ottoman is an amazing hack. I have a storage bench on my bay windows right now. It looks totally decorative but REALLY, it’s a secret way to fit more things! 

C. Floating Shelves  – Need to store books or display pictures? To free up floor space and make your room look overall ‘bigger’, I’ve always defaulted to floating shelves. They are such a cute and easy way to store off the floor

BONUS TIP: Decorate for the Holidays

You know how people say dress for the job you want, not the job you have? Well, I believe the same thing with your apartment. Decorate your home like you would if it were your own. Put out the Christmas decorations that you loved as a kid! Get pumpkin spice galore in the fall.

One of my current roommates is amazing at this. Look how beautiful she decorates our mantle forever holiday! It really does make it feel like home.

Hope this gives you alllll the #inspo.

tiny apartment feeling like home

How are you going to organize your room and make it feel like home?! Comment below! 👇 👇 👇

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  1. Our townhouse wasn’t too small, but it definitely lacked that home-like feel. Candles were SO important to make it feel like a welcoming and inviting space. Also, we needed to make the room feel brighter with light, airy pieces of furniture and artwork and enough lighting and mirrors! Great tips on storage, too!

  2. I love decorating for the winter holidays. We don’t have room for a full-sized Christmas tree in our apartment, so we got a 4-foot cutie to use until we’re in a bigger place. It’s amazing how homey that made it feel around the holidays. I almost didn’t want to take it down. LOL

  3. Love all of these tips! Small spaces can definitely be difficult to make your own and to make feel homie and inviting. The candle tip is absolutely KEY.

  4. I love this! My husband and are can finally afford to decorate our apartment… but it’s very small so I loved reading this tips for some design inspo! It’s crazy how much smells really do help a space out haha

  5. This is amazing! I am in my 3rd apt and love finding new ways to store and organize!

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