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6 Ways To Negotiate Salary During A Job Interview

Negotiating salary during the job application process can be a scary conversation to have. I mean, it's a huge milestone in your job search and a skill that every blossoming boss babe deserves to ... READ the POST

What To Wear To Your Office Holiday Party That Won’t Get You In Trouble With HR

Finding an outfit to wear to your office holiday party is so hard! As a young person, you want to look professional, but also represent your personal style, look unique ... basically, something that ... READ the POST

The Smartest Investments for 20 Somethings – Here’s What All 20 Year Olds Should Invest In

Have you ever thought about what you want to invest in during your 20s? IMO, your twenties are the perfect time to start investing. I don’t necessarily mean a financial investment (although it can ... READ the POST

Cool Jobs For 20 Somethings If You Are Trying To Figure Out What To Do With Your Life

If you're in your twenties, you should be excited and challenged at work! Your twenties are a time to learn new things, be challenged and feel excited in your day-to-day. It's so easy to get caught up ... READ the POST

You Can Create an Amazing Resume When You Have No Experience, Here’s How

We’ve already discussed why resumes are difficult and confusing. But what about when you are just starting out? How are you supposed to write A FULL PAGE RESUME about yourself when you don’t have a ... READ the POST

Create an amazing resume, even if you have no experience! This is perfect for someone who just graduated college or wants to switch careers! I am so excited for you to SLAY with these resume tips! TEST 2

The Three Self-Care Items That Will Completely Transform Your Boring Old Routine, Vol. 3

Thank you, Kopari for partnering with T20S on this post - and for allllllll the brands that support T20S. As always, all opinions are my own and I only ever share brands I personally use and am ... READ the POST

Self-care and wellness are incredibly hard aspects of your life to handle in your twenties! Here are three of my current favorite self-care products to add to your routine, volume 3 in this series! These skin, hair and life tips will be a massive game changer in the products you use on a daily basis, at least - they were for me!

Three Ways To Perfect Your OWN Elevator Pitch And Sell Your Self To Anyone At Any Time

Struggling to pitch and fight for yourself in the workplace? Maybe you want to ask for more money or get a promotion, either way - here is my formula for convincing anyone to take chance on me! One ... READ the POST

Three secrets to perfect your elevator pitch about yourself in order to convince anyone to take a chance on you. These tactics will advance your career.

5 CRUCIAL Time Management Hacks Every 20-Something Needs To Start Practicing Today

When I was young, I always thought successful people had to work 24/7 - and that was the only way. Balancing three jobs, I’m learning that if you follow and train yourself with these time management ... READ the POST

Time management was never my strong suit. In this post, we discuss the best apps, batching tips and goal tracking to be more productive than ever!

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