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The Step-By-Step Guide To Landing A New Job Fast, Resume Templates Included

So you want a new job, eh?! Whether you already have a gig and are ready for a change or are embarking on your first career journey, I wanted to compile ALL of my favorite career resources, free ... READ the POST

Here's a full guide on how to land a new job quickly with these 5 tips! This career advice includes free template for your job application!

The 5 Self-Care Products Under $50 That Will Completely Transform Your Day To Day Routine, And Make You Happier – Vol 2

Attempting to juggle three jobs has amplified my need a solid self-care routine more than like, ever. That combined with the fact that I noticed my crow's feet for the first time the other day (thank ... READ the POST

Self-care activities and ideas, I found these products on Amazon and use them regularly. They are amazing and will change your life! Give yourself this "me time" with these ideas for self-care routines! This will help your mental health too!

The Three Questions To Ask Yourself If You Want To Figure Out Your Next Step In Life

Do you ever find yourself sitting in a cubicle, bored out of your mind at work thinking, “this is just not how I pictured it”!? Figuring out the next step out of this rut is HARD.  Did you ever ... READ the POST

Feeling stuck or lost in life? Here are three questions to ask yourself when figuring out what to do with your life and your next step.

The Beginner’s Guide To Handling Burn Out, And How To Prevent It In the Future

The overwhelming feeling of being burnt out can hit you at any time. When was the last time you felt like you said, "I just can't"?!For me, it was last week. I was putting in 14 hour days, trying to ... READ the POST

Feeling burnt out? I've been there! Here's what to do when your feeling burnt out, and how to avoid it in the future. In this post, we'll go over how to shake feeling burnt out from work or school, the signs that you are burnt out, and how to let go of that stress! #burntoutsigns #burntoutquotes #feelingburntout

Here’s The Only Secret You’ll Ever Need To Getting An Interview At Your Dream Company

Want to switch jobs? Find a way in at your dream company? It may seem impossible knowing that the best and the brightest are sending in their resumes to the top places to work, but it shouldn’t. You ... READ the POST

Want to get an interview at your dream company? Here is my SECRET for getting interviews at the top companies in the world.

Here’s Everything A 20-Something Needs To Know About Vetting the Perfect Apartment, And Never Finding Scary Craigslist Randos

At one point or another, I've heard every single one of my friends has had apartment troubles. Woes of roommates, crazy landlords, insane rent prices are constantly upon us. Now in my fifth year in ... READ the POST

The 20-Something’s Guide To Saving For Retirement (And WTF A 401K Is!) And How You Can Be Set Up In 10 Minutes Or Less

So in addition to everything else 20-somethings have to deal with, like graduating college, finding a job and moving away from home, we ALSO have to save for the future. And no, I don't mean ... READ the POST

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