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The Five Life-Changing Items Under $50 That Will Change Every Bit Of Your Nighttime Routine – Vol 1

Ready to have your mind BLOWN for self care?! You’ve come to the right place. Finding the best products for your skin, hair, and well-being is not easy. Here are the five products that will change your self-care routine, all for under $50. Let’s start at the beginning Have you…


3 Ways To Help You ALWAYS Pay Your Bills On Time

Part of being an adult is worrying about things like paying your bills. It’s not sexy at all, but it’s so important. Ugh. Literally, I do NOT want you wasting money on bank fees. Trust me, I would rather sit on a rooftop and buy ironic graphic t-shirts while drinking…


The Seven Solo Dates You Can Take Yourself On, Even If You Are a Broke Twenty-Something

One of the things I rarely feel as a twenty-something is alone. 👉 I just moved in with my boyfriend and his two best friends, commute on a bus with my co-workers and sit in a sales office full of day-long meetings and client pitches.  One weekend, my boyfriend was out…


20 Quotes For The 20-Something That Needs To Be Reminded That We’re All Still Figuring It Out

There’s nothing more relatable than all realizing we are all a little lost in our 20’s. Good quotes always reminds me that we’re really all in this together. No matter where you turn, it feels like we’re all dealing with a bit of the same things. From not understanding how…


Skincare Series Part 2: Three Easy Ways To Clear Up Your Adult Acne And Never Deal With Bad Skin Again

This is part of T20S’s Skincare Series! 👐We worked with my facialist, Shari Spakes,  to share everything you need to know about having glowing, like a baby’s bottom skin in your 20s (and beyond). Shari has been featured in publications like Goop and Allure (and is one of the only…


Skincare Series Part 1: My Facialist Explained to Me Why Your Skin Ages, And The 3 Things You Need To Start Doing About It

The next 2 posts are part of T20S’s Skincare Series! 👐We worked with my facialist, Shari Spakes,  to share everything you need to know about having glowing, like a baby’s bottom skin in your 20s (and beyond). Shari has been featured in publications like Goop and Allure (and is one of…


Seven Ways to Create a Healthy Lifestyle In Your 20s That You’ve Never Thought Of Before

My relationship with health has always been muddled. Regardless of growing up in a ridiculously healthy household (I’m looking at you, Mom), my sweet tooth and worried mindset would often drive me into a rabbit hole of anything but balanced. That is until I started doing these seven things.  What Is…


Here’s Everything A 20-Something Needs To Know About Vetting the Perfect Apartment, And Never Finding Scary Craigslist Randos

At one point or another, I’ve heard every single one of my friends has had apartment troubles. Woes of roommates, crazy landlords, insane rent prices are constantly upon us. Now in my fifth year in San Francisco, I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I’m in my 6th apartment. Yes, sixth. …


The 20-Something’s Guide To Saving For Retirement (And WTF A 401K Is!) And How You Can Be Set Up In 10 Minutes Or Less

So in addition to everything else 20-somethings have to deal with, like graduating college, finding a job and moving away from home, we ALSO have to save for the future. And no, I don’t mean your future children’s college fund – although that’s something we may have to think about too (even…


4 Massive Realizations You’ll Have About Your Mom In Your 20’s – And How You’ll Look at Things Differently From Here On Out

Two years ago, I booked last minute flight to New York City after a flustered text from my family: my older sister was going to be a mother. At 26, I’ve never truly witnessed motherhood as I have now with my sister. Sure, I had seen friends and relatives. And…


10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Moving Across the Country By Myself

When I was a young lad 21 I moved from my small town in North Carolina to San Francisco.  Alone. Moving to the west coast, or even someplace alone, was not in my plans. An incredible job opportunity came my way two months after graduation and I took the jump. Packing two…


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