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Your Boyfriend Gift Guide (Based on the Length Of Time You’ve Been Dating)

Buying your boyfriend a gift is hard AF. I personally never know if they would prefer something filled with bacon or something of quality. Or if they’d even know if it was something of quality. Girls are significantly easier to buy Christmas presents for than their male counterparts. I mean,…


Don’t Take Your Parents To Dinner Where Your Last Tinder Date Was

So you’ve grown up, adulted and moved away from home. Go you! You are free as a bird! Except now, everyone in their mom, and your mom, is coming to visit you in your new humble abode. Go you! Having family come visit is amazing, but play host can be tough.…


You Got Dumped and You Could Have Seen It Coming

I’m not sure if 20-something ‘men’ – if you can even call them that –  ever grow up. One way in which they are particularly childish is in their ability to call it quits with a girl they are seeing. I’ve been dumped many a time, when I failed to…


Eight Ways to Be Social and Still Have Fun in an Expensive City

#helpmeimpoor Big cities are expensive. Starting salaries aren’t high. It kills me a little inside every time I hear friends say that they cannot be social because they need to save money. That’s a worry we should be having when we’re sending our kids off to college, paying off a…


I Broke Up With My Best Friends

Disclaimer: This story has a happy ending. My phone buzzed. I glanced over on the night stand. It was one of my two best friends, I had known them two years and they had been my soul sisters when I didn’t know anyone in San Francisco. I hung out with…


You Won’t Be Poor If You Start Renting Clothes Instead of Buying Them

In a summer of weddings, work events and constant ‘gramming, making sure that there is some sort of variety in your outfits is near impossible unless you literally grow money on trees. Good thing I created my own app, went public and got bought by some fabulous tech company….psychhhh, I’m…


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