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12 Signs You Are In That Awkward Phase Between Your 20s and Adulthood: And What You Can Do About It


Your late 20’s are a WEIRD time. We are at this strange place where we’ve graduated college a significant time ago, yet we’re not quite old enough to be considered adults. Acting like a full-on grown-up still seems impossible hard, yet, the fears of actually having to START adulting are omnipresent. 

Recently, I’ve hit this point. Big time. I am continually freaking out perplexed that I’ve been out of college for five yets, yet:

I mean, does anyone else out there feel like this?!






Here are your 12 signs you are in that Awkward Phase Between You 20s and Adulthood.

1. Half of your friends are single (and ready to mingle) and the other half are married (with kids on the way)

Between the ages of 24 – 30, it appears that everyone is either incredibly single, hands sore from swiping on Tinder or so settled down that you only see them once every three months. Seriously, why isn’t there a happy medium?! #your20sareawkward

2. Your Saturday nights are either: A. raging your face off or B. staying in, cooking dinner and having a mellow board game night

You appear to have two choices on the weekend: you can either pretend that you can still drink like you are 23 party at your neighborhood bar or stay in and have a board game night. Unlike your early 20’s, the nights that are spent out until 4 a.m. (ok, let’s be real, more like 12 a.m.) feel beyond exhausting in your late 20’s. YET, the nights in feel lame, but you’re secretly happy about it and wonder why you haven’t spent allllll your Saturday nights like this.


3. The ability to bounce back after drinking has significantly declined since college

You thought you were hungover in college?! No, no NO, just wait until you hit 25…the hangovers become real. The ability to go out at night and feel totally normal the next day no longer exist, constantly reminding you that yes, you are getting older. At least, this recently happened to me and if I’m the only one out there like this I will be so #ashamed. The other weekend, I had TWO (yes two) glasses of wine and woke up with a headache. I thought I MUST be getting sick, but no. It was a hangover. From two glasses of wine.


4. You really want a dog, but you don’t know if you have the time – or money – for it

The idea of having a companion and an always-snuggle buddy is tempting, but the idea of taking on a role that mimics parenting AT ALL seems scary AF. Not to mention the amount of time, money (who knew there was such a thing as pet insurance?!), and responsibility with owning something so cute. What have I been doing to cure this urge? Playing with friend’s dogs. Try it! It works GREAT.


5. Going “out” on weeknights is no longer a thing

Remember when you were 21 and you could go out every weeknight AND make it to work or class without a hitch? All of a sudden, your body needs more sleep and your weeknights are soooo much less fun.


6. I stand corrected – going “out” on a weeknight ends when Happy Hour does

That’s right, you CAN go out on a weeknight. Just as long as you are home by 8 p.m. Your love of saving money combined with the fact that your body requires at least eight hours of sleep means that you start attending Happy Hour like it’s your job. I go so far as to even make spreadsheets of the cities best Happy Hours, just to find a place to drink at a discount.


7. The idea of buying property doesn’t seem like such a bad idea

You never thought the day would come where the idea of having roommates seems like too much and you actually crave the idea of living alone. If San Francisco weren’t so darn expensive, I would buy some property myself.


8. You actually LIKE the taste of wine

Remember when the only thing you wanted to drink was Smirnoff Ice and Mike’s Hard Lemonade?! This was me for the first half of my twenties. Drinks had to be sweeter than candy, or else they tasted so gross. Well, that all changed come age 25. Maybe it’s the fact that I live so close to Napa, or that your taste buds change with time, but all of a sudden, wine tasted freaking delicious. Now, it’s my drink of choice. All I can say is…thank goodness for two buck chuck!




9. You get a rush out of saving money

Finding new ways to save money becomes a popular brunch topic in your late 20’s (or at least it did for me). My friends and I share investment strategies, like how we’re obsessed with the app Robinhood (where you can invest on your phone) over poached eggs. We are always trying to refer each other to new brands when it occurred to me one day…when did saving money become so exciting?! My initial reaction was to feel lame but then I was like, I kind of like this feeling!?


10. The people on The Bachelor look young

The people on reality TV look young…because they are younger than you. #depressing. At one point everyone on shows like The Real World or The Bachelor looked so old! Now, they seem young. Which makes me feel old.


11. Healthcare and retirement are no longer just things your parents worry about

Until a few years ago, words like 401K seemed totally foreign and NOT something you’d have to spend any time thinking about. Somehow, in just a few short years, this has drastically changed. This changed happened to me recently. All of a sudden I was so excited to learn how I could invest for my future. Psssst, want to learn everything you need to know in your 20’s about retirement? Click here.


12. The following is a common thought: what the heck am I doing with my life?

The quarter-life crisis is a REAL thing. Everything seems weird in your late 20’s, your either a full-on grown-up adult or your still partying like it’s 1999. There’s no right, no wrong. It’s just so WEIRD. Brittney Spears had it right all this time (sans the whole head shaving thing). You are not a girl, not yet a woman…


Now, please tell me I’m not the ONLY one who feels this way. Comment below with your strange 20-something experiences!






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  1. I’m in my early 20’s and I relate to a lot of these! I’m basically part grandma because I stay inside a lot and loveeee to save money!

  2. Hahahaha these are so true. I had to set up autopay since I missed a bill payment and freaked out, I loveloveLOVE wine and still suck at describing it, and it’s either a go out and have drinks night or stay in in sweats, no makeup, no ANYTHING but vegging out. Ha!

  3. Yes, yes, yes! I love this and enjoyed lots of giggles as I was reading. Such a fun, yet strange age!

  4. No. 4 is so me! I want a doggo so badly, but I know that I yet don’t have the time to take care of one properly. Looking forward for the day when I will have a dog. <3

  5. I can remember some of those things vaguely. If you aren’t quite ready to get a dog, try fostering one. It is a great way to help save lives, enjoy the company of a dog for short spurts, and see if you’re ready for a bigger commitment!

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