The Best Books For Twenty Somethings That Every Millennial Woman Should Read

The Best Books For Twenty Somethings That Every Millennial Woman Should Read

What are the best books to read in your twenties? This post has the best list of books to read for any millennial woman!

The books I’ve read so far in my twenties have helped shaped who the person I am today. Your twenties are so confusing. It feels like there is constant change. Take me for example, I’ve lived in six different apartments and had so many friend groups. I’ll be honest, at times, I’ve had the most overwhelming sense of alone. And as silly as it sounds, getting lost in a good book is one of the only ways I’ve been able to pull myself out of a tough time.

Likely, someone else has gone through a similar experience as you, and (surprise!) gotten through it. I love having this perspective. It always reminds me that, “this too shall pass!”

Here is the perfect list of book that every twenty-something woman needs to read.

The Best Books For Twenty Somethings That Every Millennial Woman Should Read

You Are A Badass By Jen Sincero

‘You Are A Badass’ is one of my favorite books. To be honest, I’m normally NOT a huge fan of anything in the self-help section. I normally am so turned off by any cheesiness. Luckily, this book is ANYTHING but that. If you have any sort of goal, are struggling in your twenties and are just looking for that best friend to tell you like it is, this is the book for you.

I love that this book actually focuses on the exercises you can start doing to transform your mind and become more confident. This book gives you something actionable to truly inspire change! ‘You Are A Badass’ focuses on money, career, and relationships – and I promise at the end of the book you will truly feel like the badass I know you are!

Shop the book here.

The Power Of Habit By Charles Duhigg

This book will transform your life if you are looking to be flexible with change and become more efficient. ‘The Power Of Habit’ goes into the actual neurology of change, and how we can be more flexible with change.

These days, millennials are working so hard. We have side hustles. Friends. Our Instagrams! How can we become more efficient so we have more time for … well us?! I liked this book because it made me feel hopeful. All the manifestations, lists I make and dreams I have for myself can come true – because I can change the habits to help myself get there.

You can shop the book here.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck By Mark Manson

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck might possibly be the most important book on this list. If you are anything like me, you care. A lot. I’m one of those people who loves with my whole heart and cares for a friend so deeply I will do anything for them. In short, I give a lot of f*cks. In full honesty, I read his original blog post on this topic about once a month – to remind me to stop stressing and care about what really matters!

Mark Manson’s book is brilliant. It explains (and teaches you) the simple ideas that you only have a certain amount of f*cks to give, and giving too many is simply exhausted. So how can the most successful people can choose where to care, and let go of the rest?! That’s what this book will teach you. And it will change your life!

You can shop the book here. 

The Defining Decade By Meg Jay

The Defining Decade is an instrumental book to read in our twenties because it truly goes into the science of being a twenty-something. I spent the first half of my twenties confused. I was caught in a crossfire between being a teenager and adulthood. This book explains just that – and what we can do about it.

If you’ve ever felt confused as a twenty something, this is the book for you.

You can shop the book here.

When’s Happy Hour By Betches

When’s Happy Hour is one of my favorite career books I’ve ever read. If you didn’t know, I’m a HUGE fan of the Betches (I actually freelance for them as well!) and think they are brilliant. When’s Happy Hour takes all the Betches humor and combines it with real career advice, that every woman needs.

From learning how to write an email to become your own CEO, anyone who wants to slay it in the workforce, as a woman (with a sense of humor) needs to pick up a copy of this book.

You can shop the book here.

Not That Kind Of Girl By Lena Dunham

Not That Kind Of Girl is not only amazing because it’s written by the one and only Lena Dunham, but will also feel like you are chatting with a best friend. If you’ve ever wanted to talk openly about sexism, love, and the struggles of growing up, this book is amazing!

I like that Lena Dunham isn’t ashamed to talk about her mistakes and be as real as it gets when it comes to things like sleeping around or heartbreak. It’s like she’s in my head – and I love it!

It’s not quite a marriage plot book, BUT it will teach you about love, life and sex – and who needs more than that?

You can shop the book here.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me By Mindy Kaling

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me is written by one of my favorite people, Mindy Kalnig. If you thought her TV show, The Mindy Project, was good, just wait until you read this book.

She talks openly about being “chubby”, her Indian family and friendship. Although I wish Mindy was my actual best friend, this book takes a close second. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

You can shop the book here.

How To Win Friends And Influence People By Dale Carnegie

How To Win Friends And Influence People gives you all the rules and tips to do just that! Dale Carnegie outlines twelve steps to be on top of all of the interpersonal relationships in your life and let me tell you, his tricks actually help. I love how thought provoking it was to learn how to get other’s to repsect me more.

This book is normally read by business people, it’s something all young people should read! I’ve actually taken two of Dale Carnegie’s business classes. It was amazing. I’m definitely a better person for it.

There are so many aspects of these twelve steps that I had never thought of before. I love that it’s so easy to digest and take these on!

Go ahead, read this book.

Now although none of these books are anything like Margaret Atwood’s, The Handmaid Tale, they can teach you so much about life and yourself.

Reading books in your twenties can remind you that you are not isolated in your experiences. I love getting this perspective – and it really does help you get through any tough time. Happy reading!


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