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Skincare Series Part 2: Three Easy Ways To Clear Up Your Adult Acne And Never Deal With Bad Skin Again


This is part of T20S’s Skincare Series! 👐We worked with my facialist, Shari Spakes,  to share everything you need to know about having glowing, like a baby’s bottom skin in your 20s (and beyond). Shari has been featured in publications like Goop and Allure (and is one of the only reasons my skin is in semi-good shape).

I learned SO much about keeping my skin healthy by doing this post with Shari, I can’t wait to hear what you learn too. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with T20S, Shari!

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I started taking birth control when I was about 16. Voila! My skin was perfect. That’s actually not why I started taking BC in the first place (enter awful cramps) but it was an amazing side effect. Not going to lie, going through high school without the worries of zits didn’t suck. After I started looking for a different form of birth control recently and got the IUD, my skin started to break out. And bad.

(If you don’t know much about the IUD, think of it as a more focused form of birth control. If the birth control pill spreads the hormones throughout your entire body, the IUD does it in a very focused location…in my case this caused my acne to come through since it wasn’t being fought off by BC anymore)

Going from someone who didn’t even have to wash their face for days on end while eating greasy food and sugar galore (and STILL having clear skin), to all of a sudden having adult acne was a shock. I’m also a spin instructor and spend my 9-5 in sales, feeling all of a sudden insecure about my physical appearance was a wrinkle (pun intended) in my mid-twenties. UGH is right. Anyone else go through this? I literally through puberty was over years ago and yet, I’m still struggling with worrying what my face looks like when I leave the house.

If You Read My Post Last Week…

If you read the first post in the T20S skincare series, you can learn a little bit more about why you age and what you can do about it now.

So What The Heck Causes Adult Acne?!

My facialist, Shari, taught me that adult acne can be caused by SO many things. Primarily, and in my scenario, adult acne can be caused by the foods you eat, hormones, bacteria on your skin, and overactive oil glands. Whoa.

This all sounds complicated and medical (none of which are my strong suits). LOL.

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The 3 Things You Can Do To Curb Your Adult Acne TODAY 👉

  • Watch What You Eat

Shari explained to me that so much of the food can cause our adult acne. Especially if we are digesting hormones, iodine, and sugar, this can all make adult acne WORSE.

I should say, I found this part of my conversation with Shari stressful. It’s soooo hard to eat 100% clean as a 20-something! Especially when you want to be social and go out, it just seems near impossible. I came to the conclusion that if I can be more INFORMED, at least I can make good choices when I do have the choice.

So what are some foods that can cause adult acne?

  • Diary – it has hormones in it
  • Soy (I drink SOOO much soy milk because I don’t like regular milk so this was such a bummer!)
  • Iodized salt – Shari suggested I switch to pink sea salt, guess I’m getting fancy!
  • Shellfish
  • Sugar – it’s inflammatory so will make anything on your face worse!
  • … and so much more!
  • Take Probiotics DAILY

So in addition to probiotics being amazing for your stomach and digestion, Shari told me there’s so much research to show that your gut health actually correlates to your skin. A lot of adult acne is actually caused by bacteria on your face. In order to fill your body with GOOD bacteria. Shari suggested you take probiotics every day!

  • Lastly, Don’t Forget the Regulars 

Lastly, don’t forget to wash your face and don’t fall asleep with makeup on! This will not only make the actual acne worse (and more likely) but ALSO, not help with aging at all. Let that skin breaaaaatheeee!

Shari also mentioned that you should never ever pick at your face because it spreads bacteria.

Basically, don’t’ forget all the important acne tips that you were taught as a teen!

I literally hate that something as silly as eating cheese can cause stress. That should never be the case!

Comment below and share if any of these tips have worked for you! 👉👉


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