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How I Used A Quiz To Explode My Email List (And How You Can, Too!)


This post contains affiliate links. I was given a free subscription to Interact as an exchange for this post. I actually discovered Interact from a fellow blogger, Rachel from The Confused Millennial (love her, right?! See her post on Interact here on how she used it to grow her email list!). I wanted to share the love because I’ve had such an amazing experience with Interact so far!

Navigating the “top things to do” when starting a blog can be overwhelming, to say the least. Every post has different suggestions on the tools to use, often racking up to lofty prices with little results.

That’s what happened to me at least.

Let’s Start At the Beginning

Since starting my blog almost a year ago, I’ve had three different themes, two email providers, and two Pinterest schedulers. It has taken me countless hours to wade through all the possible tools I can use as a blogger.

On top of all that, my blog is actually my side hustle. I work full-time in advertising in Silicon Valley. It’s SO important to have the best tools around me to grow quickly, without too much work.

I also love finding creative ways to connect with like-minded people, it’s so amazing to find anything that’s unique.

How Has My Experience Been Using Interact For Growing My Email Subscribers?!

When I ran across Rachel’s article about Interact, I thought, this is AMAZING. I have always been the first to take fun quizzes online and even make my own for long car rides or sleepovers. Since Instagram recently added polls in stories, I always post those too. I can’t help it! #addicted

I was pleasantly surprised with how much the quiz concept ACTUALLY worked to interact (pun intended!) with users and grow my email list. In fact, since I’ve built two quizzes two months ago (and barely promoted them, just put them at the end of a few posts – see the pictures below for an example👉👉) – I’ve grown my list by 20%! This has definitely been my fastest (and easiest) strategy for growing my subscriber base.

Here are the top three things I love about Interact, and How I’ve Used It to Grow My Email List: 

  1. You can make a quiz, poll OR giveaway

I love that Interact gives you options on how you want to speak to your future readers/customers. I know a lot of bloggers LOVE to do giveaways (and I love entering them!!). The fact that you can add this to your arsenal of strategies for growing your community is amazing.

Here is one of the quizzes I’ve created, it was so fun to make and even more fun to take!

2. They give you templates + photos

When you go to build a quiz, poll or giveaway – the program will always offer you templates. Again, I just started blogging in the last year so I LITERALLY had no idea what I was doing when it came to email lists. I was so so SO grateful for Interact’s guidance.

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Also, Interact makes it easy to customize the quiz so it all matches up with your brand. You can use custom colors and they even have an image library! As mentioned, this blog is my #sidehustle. The fact that I can use Interact resources to make my quizzes look like I took my own professional photos (fake it till you make it, amiright!?) was incredible.

3. Interact will flow users into your already existing email list and you can put them directly into one of your email flows

When I first was looking into Interact, one of my main concerns was: How will I get any new blog subscribers into my email platform? I use Mailerlite, which is slightly less well-known than some other platforms, like Convertkit. Also, I love to segment my email lists by people’s interest and wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be adding TONS of work by having to do that manually or something!

I was so happy to see that Interact not only integrates directly with most email platforms (including Mailerlite) so anyone that completed a quiz/giveaway would be automatically imported to my email list and segmented in the way I wanted.

So easy!

If you’re interested in trying Interact, click here! 👉👉They even have a free 14-day trial! 


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  1. Ooo I want to try this now! Quizzes are so much fun, I used to do a bunch when I was younger. Actually, I do quite a few when I am bored now.

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