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The Five Self Love Techniques That Will Quickly Enhance Your Every Day Happiness


If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that finding self-love has not always been easy (and is ALWAYS an ongoing journey ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿป). So many of you were curious about that previous post about finding self-love that I wanted to do a follow up: my daily practices to continuing the self-love journey.

I started doing most of this list in the last 6 months. Even though I’m in a serious relationship (love ya, Alex!), I found that I was no longer using my boyfriend to get the love I was craving – I was getting it from myself!

This gave me a sense of independence I never knew was possible, but always knew I deserved.๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ

A lot of us (myself included) resort to things such as shopping, spending money or getting our nails done when we talk about self-love. Those things are important too (I mean…credit cards exist for a reason!).

In all seriousness, IMO, there are more productive, long-term solutions to giving yourself, LOVE. ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿผ

(cue Hailee Steinfeld lyrics here)

I want to hear from you! Make sure to comment below on what you do to give yourself THAT LOVE YOU DESERVE.


The Five Self-Love Techniques That Will Guarantee Blow Your Mind

  1. Practice Mindfulness

How many times a day are you truly just at the moment?! How many times a week do you actually think about what you are doing, while you are doing it? I posted on Instagram this week about my experience being more in the moment this weekend. It was so freeing.

In addition to just feeling great, being more mindful can help you be more mindful of your BODY as well. I hold a lot of my stress physically, does anyone else do that?! Being in touch with myself has really helped me take care of myself (and love myself) in a way I did not know was possible.

Every day, I try and ask myself a few of these questions: 
  • How am I feeling today? Is there anything that could be causing me to feel a certain way?
  • How is my body’s balance? (… I’m literally such a Libra Balance Scale on Apple iOS 11.3 )
  • Is anything mental harboring into physical feelings?

Side note: In college & high school, I actually ended up seeing TONS of doctors because I had such bad stomach aches. I left parties early and tried every diet on the planet (no gluten, dairy, etc!). It wasn’t until year’s later that I learned the root of all my stomach problems was stress.

Once I started being more mindful and working on living in the moment (as well as the rest of these tips), my stomach aches magically went away!

2. Unplug

This goes hand in hand with mindfulness. How can you be mindful if you are always distracted? It was recommended to me once to try and sit or walk (without any destination) without distractions, just noticing what’s around me. This helps me feel more balanced and at peace with whatever is going on!

TBH, being totally in the moment and unplugged is REALLY hard for me. Giving myself that time (think of it like a present) is an amazing form of self-love. It’s like giving my brain a little nap!

If you are anything like me and you absolutely need to be doing something, try one of those adult color books. They are incredible in helping you be in the moment. I’m obsessed!

3. Do a Good Deed

This one may seem less intuitive but I swear, HEAR ME OUT. When you are craving self-love, do something kind for someone else. Can you bring a someone without a home dinner who sits near your house? Compliment someone who needs it?

This may sound self-serving (but it’s true) but doing something kind to someone else can provide that sense of self-love that you crave. It gets you out of your own head and gives you the ability to see some perspective.

4. Meditation

Seriously, meditation has been a LIFE game changer for me. I became addicted to the app, Headspace, (not an ad, just an obsession) because it gives you daily 10 minutes of guided meditation that truly follows its name, give you more headspace. As someone with three jobs, I’m always craving to clear my mind. I love doing all these things, but I can’t do them if my overwhelmed.

10 minutes of meditation is like an amazing present that I can give to my mind every day!

5. Compliment YOURSELF

When I’m lacking or craving self-love, I try and remind myself of the things that are going well. Sometimes I feel like everything is just going wrong or I can’t make things good enough.

Finding this sense of pride and self-worth feels so important in figuring out this whole self-love thing!

Loving yourself is definitely an ever-evolving practice and journey. These five practices have been beyond essential in continuing my path to self-love!

๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘‰What do you do to give yourself love? Comment below!


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  1. Iโ€™m such an advovate for unplugging, its really amazing how much that helps me when I’m overwhelmed with life. I know itโ€™s sometimes the very opposite of what weโ€™re expected to do and be as bloggers, but sometimes itโ€™s so needed. Iโ€™ve written about taking digital breaks before and I am overdue for one.

  2. I love these tips! I am starting to practice all of them more and more each day. But self-love is a necessity in this life. I haven’t tried Headspace before, I have heard about it, but I might give it a shot and see what I think!

  3. I feel like i really needed this post, I need to learn how to practice self love techniques so i’m not so overwhelmed. I love your idea of unplugging, I’ve been doing little things here and there to help train me to get away from electronics. When I see something beautiful, instead of snapping a picture, I really appreciate it in the moment and take it all in. When I go out with my husband, I leave my phone in the car so I’m not distracted.

    • Awww! I’m so glad the post resonated with you. Yes! I LOVE the idea of leaving your phone in the car or something. That’s so amazing! I’m going to try that as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I know I need to do more unplugging in my life. I did in April and it was great, so I need to make it more of a routine!

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