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A Holiday Gift Guide For Yourself, So You Can Buy The Best Presents Ever For Yourself – And Be So Happy


As much as I love gifting to others, I also know that we shouldn’t to rely on others (especially dudes) to buy us a gift. Even if you have a guy, how will he know what to get you? He’s not freaking Santa. He doesn’t know you want the blue David Yurman cable bracelet or a trip to Cabo to lay by the beach for a week.

If we ladies want to stick together and be independent women (cue Beyond song) the other 11 months of the year, we better not rely on others to buy us what we want.

Holiday Gift Guide

See below my holiday gift guide for the most fabulous person on the planet, the only person you can ever really count on, the one…the only…YOU. These are all products I’ve tried recently and have fallen in love with. I hope they make you feel as good as they did for me.

holiday gift guide for yourself


you effing deserve it

1. the coziest pair of Uggs for a cozy day with yourself
2. sparkly Kate Spade earrings for your next night out
3. the most adorable portable charger
4. wonder women ring for when you need a boost
5. adult coloring book that will ease any stress
6. clinique face mask (charcoal has done wonders for my face!)
7. adorable AF pajamas for the day you bindge Gilmore Girls
8. a yoga mat to keep your mind and body healthy
9. instant magic face mask
10. Ugg slippers to keep your toes always warm

11. postcards to keep in touch with friends
12. crystal microderm face scrub
13. Essie nail polish in all the winter colors
14. the freaking cutest Kate Spade watch
15. adorably cozy fuzzy socks
16.sparkly AF water bottle for your next workout (or vodka!)
17. best friend bracelets to bond with your girls
18. a  cup with a phrase that’ll make you smile
19. a comfy bathrobe for all your nights in
20. gel pens so you can party like it’s 1999
21. Essie foot spa for smooth cuddle-ready feet

Happy shopping, get that gift for yourself (YGG) and make sure to comment which products you love!

becky bush rose and brose

P.S. If you need a gift guide for someone else, like your boyfriend, check out the Boyfriend Gift Guide.



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