An Explanation of Why Girls Love Fall

An Explanation of Why Girls Love Fall

It’s October, which means the onset of memes teasing basic girls regarding their love for pumpkin and fall has begun. It got me thinking – for all the haters out there who make fun of those obsessed with PSLs, scarves and cozy nights – has anyone ever explained why girls love fall so much?

I mean, there’s the obvious: the leaves are changing. This opens up an onslaught of colorful Instagram photos and you can cozy up with scarves and blankets and Halloween is around the corner.

There’s so much more than that.

Fall means having no shame in buying pumpkin-flavored creamer and even drinking creamer.

The season of fall means having to shave your legs less. It means wearing leggings with baggy sweaters and high boots to work. Fall means getting to eat double the amount as you trade in your swimsuits for jackets. It means not having to sniff your armpits after you get off the train to see if you have smell because it’s no longer 90 degrees.

It means Friendsgiving’s and pumpkin carving parties and posting Snapchat stories of your fake fireplace. Fall means scary movies nights without the FOMO of not going out because it’s too cold to move.

It means getting to change-up your outfits for the first time in 3 months. Fall means the holidays are right around the corner, which for many, means work gets a little less crazy. It means seeing your family.

It means endless social media caption possibilities. You can’t ever say, ‘I’m wintering for [insert phrase here], or I’m ‘summering for  [insert phrase here]”. The possibilities for ‘I’m falling for..’ captions are endless.

Fall means getting to wear burnt orange on every inch of your body and painting your nails yellow without any question. It means Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving Special and Freeform’s 13 Days of Halloween. Fall means magical activities like corn mazes, apple picking and pumpkin patches. It means all the pie flavors and even more candle scents.

Fall means Homegood’s has an entirely new stock of decorations. It means Forever21 has revamped their collection of ragged, holed sweaters that cost $40. Yes, I did pay extra for those rips.

It means the possibility of cozying up with your special someone under a Pottery Barn plaid blanket for an entire football Sunday. Fall means that crisp air seeping into our hearts and souls. It means a twinkle in your eye and an innate sense of belonging and community to women around the world. It means that when you make eye contact with another girl fixing her eyebrows in the bar mirror or you catch a glimpse of a former acquaintance on the street, you know they too are beyond thrilled with the changing seasons.

So that is why girls love fall.


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