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You Got Dumped and You Could Have Seen It Coming

I’m not sure if 20-something ‘men’ – if you can even call them that –  ever grow up. One way in which they are particularly childish is in their ability to call it quits with a girl they are seeing. I’ve been dumped many a time, when I failed to see that a guy wasn’t that into me.

If a guy is in a long-term relationship, they might be more adept at breaking up. I’ve noticed when guys are dating in the short-term, whether they were casually swiping in their slew of dating apps or Saturday night bar hopping, they will do anything to avoid the ‘I’m just not that into you’ talk. Which is honestly so stupid, considering that this talk would avoid so much confusion, anxiety and stress on the other end of the spectrum.

Here are five lies that guys tell, when they are really trying to say ‘I’m just not that into you’. Translate these lies accurately in the future instead of wondering why someone hasn’t acted the way you wanted them to. You have better things to do with your time!

THE LIE: “I didn’t see your text”

Translation: “I didn’t feel like talking to you right now”

If a guy texts you back three days later and says he didn’t ‘see’ your text…he’s lying. If a guy is truly excited about the prospect of being with you (as every guy should be) the second your name comes across his screen, he should be jumping for joy.

THE LIE: “I’m not looking for anything serious”

Translation: “I don’t like you enough to be serious with you” 

I hate this one. Regardless of the place you are in life, if a guy meets a girl he wants to spend every day with forever, it wouldn’t matter if he was 19 or 35. This excuse is badly transparent and downright offense. If a guy ever reads this blog I hope he learns his lesson from this excuse.

THE LIE: “I just got out of a long relationship”

Translation: “I’m just not that into you” 

Again, regardless of the place you are in life, if you meet the person you want to spend every day with … forever, it won’t matter if you had a breakup yesterday or if you’ve been single for years.

THE LIE: I’m not ready to date “right now”

Translation: “Right now = never”

The part of this statement that is the lie is the ‘right now’, it creates a false sense of hope for the foreseeable future; a tug in the back of your mind that you don’t need to go through the heartbreak and get over the person that said this to you. Well I have news for you, the right now is a big, fat lie.

What’s the conclusion here? Some guys are wimps and that’s ok, we’re not here to change them, just translate them. Read through these hazy ‘I’m just not that into you signals’ and surround yourself with people who know how awesome you really are. If the signs are there that you are about to get dumped, shouldn’t we read them?


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