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Seven Ways to Create a Healthy Lifestyle In Your 20s That You’ve Never Thought Of Before


My relationship with health has always been muddled. Regardless of growing up in a ridiculously healthy household (I’m looking at you, Mom), my sweet tooth and worried mindset would often drive me into a rabbit hole of anything but balanced.

That is until I started doing these seven things. 

What Is “Healthy”?

When a lot of people talk about health or wellness, they seem laser-focused on food. Face With Rolling Eyes on Apple iOS 11.3 I certainly believe that we are what we eat, yet, IMO the healthy lifestyle extends way beyond merely the food we put in our mouths.

Being healthy SHOULD be less about looks and more about feeling great.

What Has My Relationship With Health Been?

I’ve always been a relatively small person, but I will say that my mindset nor my body has not always been healthy. I’ve had times in my life where my mental and physical health was not my priority (helllllllo Freshman 15) and times where stress was causing my stomach to be in such pain that I literally got an ulcer. Yep, that was fun.

It wasn’t until I started putting my health first, that I was able to feel level-headed, successful in my career and stable in my physical health.

There’s so much pressure to equate fun with staying out all night and eating Taco Bell, that it can seem near impossible to be healthy as a twenty-something. 

Creating a healthy lifestyle, one that is FUN, HAPPY and EASY all at the same time in your 20’s has been beyond essential for my personal well-being.

These seven rules have been some of saving graces during tough times since college.

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How To Create A Healthy Lifestyle In Your 20s

(That you’ve never thought of before)!


Don’t they say that every hour you are sitting you are cutting years off your life? Don’t let this freak you out (TBH, I’ve made it through five seasons of Pretty Little Liars on Netflix in the past week…)

How can you incorporate moving and staying active in your daily routine? If you live in a city (and especially during the warmer summer months!) can you incorporate walking instead of always hopping in an Uber?!

I’ve been forcing myself to walk at least one way to social activities around SF (if they are within a mile) and it NOT only has given me a great way to stay up-to-date on my podcasts but has also kept me active.

Doing this has seriously helped me stay healthier during my busier social routine, in addition to spending my days at a 9-5!

Find a Work Out That Doesn’t Feel Like a Work Out

Gyms and runs have never been my things. I get bored, fidgety and never stay long. I know that being active and working out is soooo important to a healthy lifestyle (what’s up endorphins!) but until recently, I could never bring myself to do it consistently.

A few years ago, I discovered spin classes and FELL. IN. LOVE. I did them every day and couldn’t get enough. My current obsession? Hot Yoga. I CANNOT stop! 💪🏻

I realized that if you find a work out that doesn’t feel like a ‘work out’, something that feels like a present to yourself, that you crave after your gone, you’ll do it more.

>> Do you have a work you absolutely love?! Let’s share our inspiration & comment below! 👏🏻

Make Eating Healthy Easy Peasy

Do you have a sweet tooth?! I sure do. I literally crave sweets at EVERY moment (it’s currently 7 am and I could eat a chocolate bar).

One of my struggles is that I’m so busy I sometimes let myself get STARVING. When your that hungry, your body is craving energy, which can often be equated to sugar. Enter pasta and chocolate. It took me a long time to understand that if I was filling my body with sugar, I’d go on a massive energy high and then crash. Rinse and repeat.

Here are a few things you can do to not let yourself grab something wildly unhealthy when you are busy and starving:

  • Stock your house with healthy snacks only (don’t let it be easy to grab something unhealthy)
  • Meal prep or meal delivery > I know we are ALL too tired to come home and cook some grandiose meal at night sometimes! That’s OK! If there’s a way you can even freeze a few healthy meals that will make your life easier on a busy day, do it!

Let Moderation Be Your Best Friend

Now as much as I’ve rambled on about being healthy, know that you will actually slip into old bad habits if you are trying to cut yourself off cold turkey in any way. The key to any habit creation is moderation. 

To start creating a healthy lifestyle, I would give yourself some reasonable guidelines. Can you ensure you work out 3-4 times a work? Do you let yourself have chocolate or wine on the weekends? Whatever it is, cut yourself some SLACK and make sure moderation is part of this healthy lifestyle.

Put Your Mental Health Above All

As I mentioned earlier in the post, there was a time where my mental health was so out of WACK that physical health also went in the drain. I put so much pressure on myself during college that I not only had an ulcer but spent my senior year in a slew of doctor’s office trying to figure out ‘what was wrong with my stomach’. Turns out? It was stress.

If you feel yourself sliding into a place where your thoughts are distorted and you’re stressing about the small stuff, start finding ways to put priorities on your mental health. Whether it’s seeking a professional or focusing on meditation (download the Headspace app, it’s my favorite meditation app out there!!), I am living proof that mental and physical health all tie together.

>> Bonus tip: I’m also addicted to those “mindfulness” coloring books. I mean, anything, where I can pretend I’m a little kid again, is going to be something I like, but also they WORK. It’s one of the best things I do to bring myself back in the moment!

Think Glass Half Full

Have you ever been around someone who is just…negative?! Have you ever found yourself getting that awy?! Every little thing that goes wrong becomes larger than life and you truly don’t know if they have the ability to think positively?

I’ve noticed that even if I’m feeling down in the dumps, forcing myself to “look on the bright side” of any situation will ease its frustration. Maybe it’s overly positive, but it works!

For me, this almost “tricks” my mindset into thinking that things are positive and gradually, I’m able to turn whatever is making me frown upsides down.

> What’s one way you can force yourself to be positive? Does it actually help you?

Get Some SLEEP

Zzzz…Both for your physical and mental health sleep is one of those best-kept secrets on your health. Did you know that sleep actually helps you burn calories?! Or that it can affect your future appetite?

Everything health-related revolves around getting a good night’s sleep. Who knew!

Creating this healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you need to drink kale juices for every last drink. For me, emodying SEVEN healthy living tips have changed the game creating a healthy lifestyle!

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