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4 Massive Realizations You’ll Have About Your Mom In Your 20’s – And How You’ll Look at Things Differently From Here On Out


Two years ago, I booked last minute flight to New York City after a flustered text from my family: my older sister was going to be a mother.

At 26, I’ve never truly witnessed motherhood as I have now with my sister. Sure, I had seen friends and relatives. And I had always heard people say that you don’t understand the level of love you have for your child until it’s yours. Seeing my sister has given me a glimpse into what my mom (and dad) have for me.

And that realization is a bit overwhelming.

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I’ve always had a great relationship with my mom. But watching my sister care for her first child got me thinking…did I say thank you enough? From waking up at 5 am to take me figure skating to instilling independence even when I was kicking and screaming, I can never thank my mom enough for all that she gave me.

I have a great life, great values and I truly credit so much of who I am to her.

Maybe because we barely remember our first few years that we forget to appreciate all it takes to be a mom as a daughter. No Hallmark card or store bought flowers will ever be enough to show the love we have for those who raised us.

This is a change so many 20-somethings go through. You find yourself scathing at your parents all through your teens (thank you, hormones) and come 20s, you’re begging to come home for mom’s cooking.

So, mom, this is for you.

4 Massive Realizations You’ll Have About Your Mom In Your 20’s

1. My Mom Was Right About Everything

Remember when you told me not to date that boy because he was ‘bad news’? Or when you said that the popular girls in high school making fun of me wouldn’t be popular forever? You were right. That guy did break my heart. The mean girls in high school are probably still mean. But you taught me not to care.

It kills me to say this (maybe because you knew that one day I’d come to this realization), but you were freaking right. I know you’re going to be smiling back at home reading this (and probably jumping for joy) but somehow, you had physic bad ass mom abilities to be able to predict my future.

Here are 3 things hilariously true my mom was right about 🙌
  1. You only have one body. My mom LOVES to be healthy, so, she only wanted me to put GREAT things into my body. This might be why I’m obsessed with all things Whole Foods…
  2. Nothing good happens after 2 am. My mom added here, “you can’t make good decisions when you aren’t sober” but I thought that was obvious, LOL. 
  3. It’s not how much money you make, it’s how much money you save. I’m realizing this is where my love of saving money must have come from, either way, I’m grateful my mom never put the pressure on ‘how’ much I made and just being smart with what I had.

I called my mom to get these exact quotes from her WITHOUT telling her what it was for (gotta be authentic, ya know?!) and she said, “Now that you’re 26 you can know your mother was right about everything, that’s how you really know you’re an adult”. LOL.

You read my mind Mom, you read my mind.

2. It’s Not Easy to be a Parent (Even Though You Made It Look Like It Was)

How do mom’s do it? My mom commuted two hours each way on a train to New York City back to our suburban home to make dinner and hang out with me every night starting when I was just a baby. Where did all of her energy come from? I barely make it through a hot yoga class AND work on the same day, I can’t imagine what she went through.

Besides the energy, I’m so impressed that moms (and parents really) are able to love and care while being strict enough that the kid turns out ok. CLEARLY, I have some way to go in understanding how all of this works.

How do parents even make decisions about their kids in the first place? Read a book? Whatever you did, it was great. And I appreciate you for that.

3. I’m Sorry for the Things I Said When I was Mad

I’m pretty sure I was ruthless. I can’t believe I said some of those things to you & I didn’t mean them. It might have been my hormones but it doesn’t make it any less OK. Teenage girls are terrifying, that’s all I’m saying. 

I’m pretty sure all teenage girls blurt out anything that will sting and I’m just so grateful you never gave up on me. 

I laugh that I was once embarrassed of you (and Dad) because my joke are definitely worse than yours ever were. I hope I can be as silly with my children one day as you were with me.

4. I Did Not (And Probably Could Not) Say Thank You Enough

I didn’t say thank you. Thank you for the opportunities you gave me. Thank you for instilling the values you did in me. This list could go on forever but there are truly no words or ways to thank the wonderful job you did as a mother. 

You taught me to be confident. You always told me I didn’t need makeup! Even though I sometimes didn’t believe you, I’m so happy that you said it in the first place. I’m a better person because I had you as a mom.

Sooo…Happy Mother’s Day Mom, I love you. 🙌

What are you saying thank you for this Mother’s Day?! Comment below!


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  1. These are all spot on! One of the big realizations I’ve had recently was how profound and deep my mom loves me. I never realized how much love was there until recently!

    • AWWW!! That is so sweet, I totally felt the same way, as I said it was almost overwhelming? I can’t believe that parents have that much love to give, you know?!

    • AWWWWW!! That is so sweet. That kind of love is kind of amazingly crazy to think about – I feel like it’s almost hard to fathom!

  2. Yes, yes, yes! These are literally perfect!! I couldn’t agree more with them- especially the one about parenting.

    • You really do have an amazing work ethic from what I’ve seen, I totally get it might not apply to everyone! I love your perspective on parenting from your blog though!

    • Awwww! Yeah I totally figured it would not apply to everyone. It’s amazing you can look on the positive side of your relationship and you really do have an amazing work ethic!

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