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Don’t Take Your Parents To Dinner Where Your Last Tinder Date Was

So you’ve grown up, adulted and moved away from home.

Go you! You are free as a bird!

Except now, everyone in their mom, and your mom, is coming to visit you in your new humble abode. Go you! Having family come visit is amazing, but play host can be tough.

You want to give your guests the best possible time. If most of your weekends are spent at bars or on Tinder, is that where you should take your parents?

No, you shouldn’t take your parents on your upcoming Tinder dates.

Family, as much as you love them, can be picky. They are not used to your city, the hills in San Francisco or the subway in NYC.

So how can you ensure your family visiting stays fun, drama free and stress free? The first piece of advice is to run some sort of agenda by your family in advance. Send over a few options and restaurant menus to ensure everyone is groovy with your ideas.

The second is to think: when you first moved to this new place, what was the ‘coolest’ new thing to you? Was is it the Time Square type location, with tourists swarming everywhere? Or was it the unique view you found while taking a walk or the quiet but incredible restaurant you fell in love with.

I think we both know the answer to this.

If you’re having the hosting block (that’s the hosting version or writer’s block), see this list below to get your planning juices flowing.


Museums are a fantastic way for your family or guests to learn a little bit more about the city you are living in. Whether it’s an art or history, it’s so easy to take the work off yourself of needing to know fun facts and let the museum do the talking.

Great Views

Some of my favorite things to do when my family comes to town is to show them the amazing views in my city. In San Francisco, there’s a place called Twin Peaks where you can basically see the entire city. It’s a little out of the city, but I usually rent a car and drive family up there.

In places like New York, there’s Top of the Rock – which is the tallest building int he city, giving you bird’s-eye view of where you live.

‘Rage’ Free Restaurants

I brought my family to my normal restaurants, which are surrounded by millennials heavily drinking. My parents, with no surprise, feel out-of-place. Oops.

Find the relaxing, quiet but delicious restaurants that are perfect for the whole family.

Get Out of the City

In San Francisco, there are incredible places to go right outside the city. Angel Island? Sausalito? The possibilities are endless. In New York, there are places like Coney Island, the Hampton’s or even Brooklyn. It’s so fun to mix it up and get out of the crowds while family is in town.

I guarantee your parents will be even MORE impressed with the fact that you planned fun activities for their visit. Go do your research and be the great adult daughter you are!


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