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Ten Things Every 20-Something Deserves To Be Bitter and Salty About – You’ll Totally Relate


Raise your hand if you are as FREAKING salty as I am. 🙌 You know what I’m talking about, hitting snooze every morning thinking it’s Saturday and realizing it’s Wednesday?! Freakin’ Wednesday. 

Salt my wounds and bring out the Himalayan pinks. I refused to call myself (and like-minded millennials) bitter, so I’ve settled on salty. And I not so secretly love it. 

And just to clear that ocean air you’re starting to smell, I really do consider myself a pretty POSITIVE person. Yet, I feel like there are some things twenty-somethings should be salty AF about. 

Here is the ULTIMATE list of Things 20-Somethings SHOULD Be Salty About: 

1. Always feeling like we need more coffee

Even after pulling all-nighters in college, I was always fine. The level of tiredness that creeps into your daily routine in adulthood is unheard of.

Like now, I’m THRILLED when a friend cancels plans on a Friday so I don’t feel as lame for watching Netflix until 9 p.m. and falling asleep with a bottle of wine.

Where did the ability to get two hours of sleep five nights in a row go?!

2. Leaving college feeling like we knew what we wanted to do with the rest of our lives…only to get into the workforce and realize we had no idea at all

Yep. Walking into an office every day wondering why I studied so hard in my statistics class has become as routine as the Kardashians popping out kiddos.

TBH, I thought I was going to be Rory Gilmore, an ambitious journalist traveling the world spreading the most important news. After college, I quickly realized that working for a magazine or a paper would be harder than I thought (thanks to this whole digital thing).

I loved the idea of hard work, but not for a job where I could barely buy myself my routine $5 drink at Starbucks. Enter: a career that makes a little more cash and less chance of layoffs. The only downside? I had to learn everything from scratch!

3. Still having silly insecurities that were supposed to go away when puberty did. I’m STILL wondering if people are staring at my zit [thanks to adult acne]

Once you hit your 20’s, I thought confidence would just naturally come to you. Isn’t this supposed to be my prime or something?!?

I had hoped the plethora of insecurities I had in my teens would naturally go away. Nopeeee, I still have adult acne.

4. The fact that aging is REAL 

Five years ago I could go 24 hours without washing my face and still look like Gigi Hadid .. and lone behold, if I do that today, my face slightly resembles two day old Taco Bell in my fridge.

I’m starting to get crows feet. Sorry I’m not sorry I smile so much? Does anyone have a good Botox doctor?

But seriously, I’m recently obsessed with the my Jade Roller – it’s literally the best. I’m basically giving myself a facial every day. It’s been a game changer. Maybe I’ll be able to keep my face looking like 26 this way. MAYBE.

5. Constantly being confused with things like taxes – what the heck is a 1099?!

I feel like all universities should have a class that’s called, “real life things you need to know”. Taxes, the paperwork you fill out when you start a job, adult friendships. It’s ALL confusing.

I literally called my mom on the first day of my job at Google (LOL TO THIS) to get some help filling out tax papers. And although my jewish mother was probably thrilled I still needed her, it made me feel 16 again.

6. The concept that F-boys are a REAL thing and they’ve probably talked to your friends

I may be in a relationship but having to answer my friend’s calls because another f boy has screwed them over is getting old.

I’m salty towards any guy that’s ever exhibited said ‘f boy’ behavior. That seems to be the only thing going on on dating apps these days (so I hear) …ugh.

> If you want to learn about how to handle being ghosted, click here.

7. Saving money seems impossible, how the heck do people save enough money to go buy a house?!

Did I mention I live in San Francisco and that rent is REALLY high?! The idea of saving money seems near impossible in your 20’s. I’m barely just figuring out how to save. It seems so crazy that one day people can even afford HOUSES. I’ve been working HARD on learning how to save money.

If you want to hear my tips and trips to paying your bills on time, click here!

8. Having roommates even though you’re a trying #adult 

I’m literally mid-twenties, working so hard and I can’t afford my own apartment. What’s up with that?! I have 4 roommates and literally share a bathroom with 3 boys.

…Again, could just be San Francisco, but I imagine I’m not the only one. Luckily, I’ve learned how to organize a tiny space. Click here for my tips and tricks for organizing a tiny space.

9. Trying to understand retirement 

Retirement seemed like a total black box until recently when I learned recently everything I need to know. It took lots of Googling. Couldn’t I have learned this in college? Instead of Calculus?!

I know it seems far off but I DON’T want to be working when I’m old. I want to be on a beach somewhere. Guess I need to start saving now….

10. The fact that life isn’t always like a Disney movie 

I genuinely thought life was going to be a Disney movie for most of my teen years. That was cute. If we can all learn to embrace the quirks and the weirdness of our twenties, I *think* we’ll be ok. Being salty certainly helps me get through it.

👉👉👉Comment Below and tell us what you’re salty about! 👉👉👉


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  1. I can so relate to #2! And I hear San Fran is a crazy expensive place to live. My husband was looking at a job out there but we looked at the cost of living and it was insane! We were able to buy a house here in PA when we were 24/25, and if we’d moved we’d have to go back to a 1 bedroom apartment for more than the price of our current mortgage.

    • I’m sooo jealous you were able to buy a house! SF is SO expensive you are right so my views are totally biased towards that. And yes, it’s so frustrating knowing you worked so hard for something and your not doing it exactly!

  2. #2!!!!! I have a degree in Education and with the way the world is today, I don’t want to use my degree in a traditional way (I’ll try not to go into too much detail.). I also eventually want to go into a Masters program but I’m not sure in what. So here I am 🙂

    • Ahhhhh, that makes perfect sense and was so tough. I was a journalism major and literally had dreams of newspapers, now I work in advertising. I found out that I really loved journalism because I loved story telling (hence the blog) … this realization has helped me follow my passions (story telling) even if my degree is a little different. But a master’s is a whole other deal!!

  3. haha this is amazing! I swear adulting is nothing like a lot of us expect. BTW, I honestly though your Rory Gilmore reference was going to go on to explain what actually happened with her in the revival, because she’s gotta be salty AF haha

  4. I agree with ALL of these! I go through stages where I’m even more insecure than I was as a teenager and I’m just like WHAT IS GOING ON!? Oh and seriously, taxes are the worst. Adulting is rough but I’m just glad I can 100% make my own decisions now. Thank goodness!

    • Yes, thank goodness!!! And oh my gosh me TOO. I am going to do an adult acne post (with help from a facialist) and such too so hopefully we can get some tips there!

      • That is so funny! It is a name that has grown in popularity over the years but when I was growing up I was in high school before I met another one! Never one with the same spelling, though hers is very close! My parents opted for the extra R which is still a mystery 🤷🏻‍♀️

  5. Oh I agree with ALL of these! The insecurity as an adult can be SO annoying! I heard that after 30 you start to care less so I’m waiting for that point!

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