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5 Things I Did in My Twenties To Get an 800+ Credit Score

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Going into my twenties, I had little to nothing to my name. I moved out to San Francisco with exactly two suitcases, a near-empty bank account and not a clue how to do this whole ‘adulting’ thing.

Six Tips On Living Affordably – The Tricks I Actually Use To Save Money In San Francisco

This post is sponsored by Lexington Law. Thank you for supporting brands who support T20S. As always, all thoughts, opinions, experience, and advice are my own. ... READ the POST

When I moved to San Francisco at 22, I was not making a lot of money. In an entry-level job in one of the most expensive cities in the country for the first time, I had to truly learn how to live affordably. And as weird as this is going to sound, learning how to save money and live affordably was awesome. It wasn’t easy, but it was awesome.

The Smartest Investments for 20 Somethings – Here’s What All 20 Year Olds Should Invest In

Have you ever thought about what you want to invest in during your 20s? IMO, your twenties are the perfect time to start investing. I don’t necessarily mean a financial investment (although it can ... READ the POST

The 20-Something’s Guide To Saving For Retirement (And WTF A 401K Is!) And How You Can Be Set Up In 10 Minutes Or Less

So in addition to everything else 20-somethings have to deal with, like graduating college, finding a job and moving away from home, we ALSO have to save for the future. And no, I don't mean ... READ the POST

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Moving Across the Country By Myself

When I was a young lad 21 I moved from my small town in North Carolina to San Francisco.  Alone. Moving to the west coast, or even someplace alone, was not in my plans. An incredible ... READ the POST

Avoid Being Broke From Buying Presents Over THe Holidays, The Six Tips To Save You Tons of Money This Year

Every year it seems that New Year's resolutions come at the perfect time: we've just drained our bank accounts on holiday parties and presents (not to mention those Black Friday deals). Welp, now we ... READ the POST

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