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3 Ways To Help You ALWAYS Pay Your Bills On Time


Part of being an adult is worrying about things like paying your bills. It’s not sexy at all, but it’s so important. Ugh. Literally, I do NOT want you wasting money on bank fees. Trust me, I would rather sit on a rooftop and buy ironic graphic t-shirts while drinking wine all day too. Ughhhh.

Still, the time comes (once a month actually) where your credit card starts burning a hole in your pocket and your cable company comes a-knockin’. It’s like how you know the boy who texts you to come over at 11 p.m. will just try to get in your pants but you continue to hope that this time will be different.

Think of it this way, when you pay your bills you establish good credit. When you establish good credit, you can buy cool stuff. Like a puppy. Or a Birkin.

Bills might not be sexy, but having money is.

3 Ways To Always Help You Pay Your Bills On Time – Avoid Paying Bank Fees!

1. Set You’re Credit Card To Auto-Pay

Ok. Look. Step 1 requires you to be semi-responsible. I said semi. Meaning being a halfway functioning human and never spending more money then you have. Think you can do that?

If you can (and again, that’s a big IF), set your credit cards to auto pay. I say this because life is busy. And we’re too young to not be going to bars on a Tuesday and it might be hard to remember to pay your credit card bill. If you set your cards to auto pay, you’ll always be on time.

2. Get The App MINT

Mint allows you to monitor all your credit cards and money. I like it because it literally sends you a billion notifications if there’s large or unusual spending your account (so like, you don’t get hacked). It also allows you to see how much money you are spending vs what you are getting, so you can easily feel comfortable with #1.

3. Set a budget in Mint 

In addition to just notifying you if you are overspending or there is unusual activity on your account, Mint also lets you create a budget. This makes it so you CAN pay your bills on time, basically follow steps 1 and 2 without any issue.

I love Mint because it actually lets you make a budget by category, so you can give yourself like $5 for food and a gillion for drinks. Isn’t that how everyone budgets?!

It’s not secret, paying your bills on time is HARD! Follow these three steps to make it a little easier!

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3 Life Hacks To Never Paying Credit Card Fees

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