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What To Wear To Your Office Holiday Party That Won’t Get You In Trouble With HR


Finding an outfit to wear to your office holiday party is so hard! As a young person, you want to look professional, but also represent your personal style, look unique … basically, something that doesn’t make you seem like your a total dud! An office holiday party is a great opportunity to do so because you can dress a little differently than a typical day at the office but you should still look professional. But that begs the question, what the heck are you supposed to wear?!

I’ve honestly struggled with what to wear to my office holiday party like EVERY YEAR. I literally envision myself like Andi at the end of Devil Wears Prada, but always seem to dress like Andi at the beginning of the movie.

I’ve gone so far as to rent dresses, buy multiple, only to feel self-conscious when I’m there! I’m sharing some basic guidelines of what to wear to your office holiday party, so you can be cute but also professional.

What To Wear To Your Office Holiday Party

A Blazer With a Dress Or Skirt

There are a million ways to dress up a cute blazer! For holiday parties, I love the idea of wearing a velvet blazer in dark green, blue or red! With this blazer, you could totally pair it with a simple top and a skirt with little heels, or a dress! I feel like blazers are the best way to combine the holiday dress codes with something more professional so people still know you’re serious business women and whatnot!

Here’s a velvet blazer I found on Amazon that is only $29 and would be PERFECT for a holiday party!

Cute Sparkly or Sequined Leggings

Ok, so I’m down for ANY excuse to switch out pants for leggings or joggers! I’ve seen SOOO many cute leggings and joggers that are sequined lately that would be perfect with a simple silk top for a holiday party, heels and maybe a long sweater?! I like this because you’re still SUPER in the holiday spirit, BUT still be appropriate! And, it’s something you probably wouldn’t wear during the workday BUT, it’s still so so cute!

I found a pair of sequined joggers on Amazon (AND THEY HAVE ELASTIC!) that I thought were sooo cute and also under $30!!

Cute Sparkly or Sequined Leggings

A Fun, Holiday Jumpsuit

You should know that I’m obsessed with jumpsuits for work or for play! They are so flattered and cute on literally everyone. Holiday jumpsuits look amazing with heels, pumps or booties (so you don’t have to worry about new shoes)! If you get a more plain jumpsuit, add some cute shoes you already own and a bold necklace and you’ll be good to go. I linked a cute black jumpsuit below, that I thought would be perfect for a holiday party – and you could re – wear it!

A Fun, Holiday Jumpsuit

A Midi Dress In a Fun Color

I love the midi black dress and skirt style! It’s such a cute way to still be super appropriate while looking fashionable. You want to show off that office-chic, personal style of yours!). I was definitely scared of the midi trend at first but over time, and after seeing how flattering it is for everyone, I’m totally convinced.

Especially in black with bold, fun jewelry, this is such an easy way to dress up some pumps! I’ve linked a black dress below that would be perfect for your office holiday party!

A Black Midi Dress

I’ve never been to a holiday party with a dress code. Finding a holiday party outfit has always been a challenge! Hopefully, these ideas help you find the perfect thing to wear while still showing your office style from your holiday party!

5 Other Holiday Party Outfit Ideas

A little black dress

A little black dress

A fun maxi dress

What To Wear To Your Office Holiday Party That Won't Get You In Trouble With HR

A holiday colored romper!

What To Wear To Your Office Holiday Party

I can’t wait to see what you wear! Comment below with your holiday party tips!


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Office holiday party outfit ideas under $30, so you can still look professional AND cute!



  1. I had no idea what to wear to my office Christmas party recently and read this before and was soooo happy you gave me the romper idea!! I had no idea what to wear!

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