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The Beginner’s Guide To Handling Burn Out, And How To Prevent It In the Future


The overwhelming feeling of being burnt out can hit you at any time. When was the last time you felt like you said, “I just can’t”?!

For me, it was last week. I was putting in 14 hour days, trying to somehow make it to the gym, while crushing my side hustle. In turn, I felt sluggish, mentally sore and so much less smiley than normal.

I literally would not wish that feeling of ‘burnt out’ on my worst enemy. It’s not fun more even more so, I ended up behind at work, eating unhealthy food and wasting so much time because I pushed myself to this point. It’s 100% my fault, but how could I have not seen that I was getting there?

Sound familiar?

I tend to be a naturally stressed out person. The chemicals in my brain often skew to anxiety and so I’ve done a loooooot of training to avoid getting in a rut. Last week, when feeling SO incredibly crummy (I even wrote an Instagram story about stress headaches!) I was able to quickly figure out what I needed to do to stop the burnout.

In this post, we’ll talk about the SIGNS of being burnt out so you never get to this point. We’ll talk about what to do IF you get there, to snap out of it quickly!!

How Do You Know When You’re Burnt Out?

1. You Just “Can’t”

Ever sit down to do some work or clean out and somehow find yourself in a 3-hour Netflix binge? If your anything like me, the tell-tale sign of a burnt out is procrastination. I’ll find myself avoiding up the wazoo likely because my brain and boy are too tired to push myself any further. Listen to yourself when this happens.

2. Something Hurts

It’s always mind-boggling to me that burn out can lead to actual physical symptoms, but it CAN. Whether it’s a stress headache (as I talked about on my IG last week!), soreness or just being tired, know that your mental stress can easily trickle into your physical being.

3. Your Emotionally, Physically and You’re Mentally TIRED

As mentioned, being sleepy can be a huge sign of burn out. Your body is giving you a sign that you need a break. Whether its mental or physical, this is a huge sign of needing a break.

IMO, we should all do our best to avoid getting burnt out, but if you are ever feeling this way, make sure to try the below!

If You’re Already Burnt Out, Here’s What You Can Do To Feel Better Quickly

Get Outside

There’s something about FRESH air that really helps me when I’m overwhelmed or tired. I love listening to podcasts while I walk, and would HIGHLY recommend this as well. Listen to Jenna Kutcher or Kaitlyn Bristowe. They are some of the people who always make me feel a little happier.

Put Down Your Electronics

I have a love/hate relationship with apps like Instagram. I’ll often find myself wasting time when I could be refueling. Instead, I’m starring at a screen. I challenge you to put down your phone or computer when your feeling burnt out and find a way to be in the moment. I actually just downloaded the app “Moment” that tracks your time on your phone to help with just that! You can also set limits on the amount of time you are using an app to help you find better ways to refuel.

Find Something That Let’s You Be Truly in the NOW

If you’ve read some of my other posts, you know I LOVE coloring books and gratitude journals. Something about working with my hands really helps me ease stress and get rid of burn out (which also goes hand in hand with #2!!)


Laughing and smiling actually get rid of stress (I’m pretty sure this one is scientific but don’t quote me here!). I get my energy from other people, so finding ways to laugh with friends until I cry can immediately help me feel better!

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How do YOU avoid feeling burnt out?! Tell me below!!

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  1. I constantly feel burn out especially as a blogger but I am doing better at managing these things! Thank you so much

  2. Getting outside and enjoying the fresh air or checking out a new restaurant or coffee shop TOTALLY helps me. I love working hard, but in order to feel balanced, I’ve released I need to explore/adventure hard too 🙂

  3. These are such great tips, Becky! Burn out can hit us so hard. I love that you said to laugh – when we’re stressed we tend to forget to take time to just have fun!

  4. I love this post, Becky! I’m getting back into my routine with a new semester of classes at college and it’s so easy to get overwhelmed and burnt out! I’ll definitely be utilizing these tips!


  5. I try to pace myself and allow myself to get distracted by my kids and avoid electronics at certain times during the day.

  6. You’re so right that burnout can cause physical symptoms. I didn’t realize that until I started having chest pains in grad school. The doctor I went to see told me that I was wayyyyyyy too young to have heart issues, and referred me to another doctor who explained how the stress from working full-time + being on-call was causing heart issues. Loved your recs for managing burnout, especially unplugging from our devices. Thanks for the great tips!!!!

    • Oh my gosh I had major health problems from stress during school too! I’m so sorry that happened to you!

  7. Yesss!! I was just commenting on another post about burn out and taking breaks as well. This topic is so important! I used to experience burn out constantly. Now I’m much better about listening to my body and paying attention to my health. Self-care is my top priority these days and it leaves me feeling a million times better and more balanced.

    • These are SUCH good tips! Is there something in the air or something this week with burn out?! I literally saw like 100 IG posts about it!

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